About Fran

When Fran was in her twenties, an astrologer told her that Capricorn women didn’t come into their own power until they were in their mid-fifties. Of course, at 23, Fran thought she’d be dead by then.

But — lo and behold — her first book, Orange as Marmalade, was published when she was 55.


Now, 7 mysteries later, GRAY AS ASHES was released recently, and WHITE AS ICE will be available sometime in the summer of 2017. A  second series, the ScotShop Mysteries, debuted in 2015 with A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP, set in modern day Vermont, but with a 14th century Scottish ghost. The second book in that series, A WEE DOSE OF DEATH, came out in 2016, and A WEE HOMICIDE IN THE HOTEL will be released by Berkley Prime Crime on February 7, 2017.





Fran’s experiences growing up in an Air Force family created the wish for a hometown — so Martinsville GA (Biscuit McKee series) and Hamelin VT (ScotShop series) are the hometowns Fran always wanted (except for the murders).

10 Replies to “About Fran”

  1. I just about finish you book, I enjoyed it so much. I am looking forward to your next one. I hope that Dirk stays around he is such a hoot. I love Peggy and Harper as characters. Please keep on writing such a good book.

  2. Thanks, Sue! I’m so glad you like the people in A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP. I like them, too! I think Dirk’s question – “Where are the horses?” – is my favorite of all his lines!

  3. Dirk would love to be interviewed, Denise! He’s leaving this Wednesday morning for a writing retreat with that author person so she can get her next book completed and won’t be available to answer any questions until after the 16th. Would that work?

    And thanks for such a lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. –Fran

  4. Fran, I very much enjoyed your ScotShop book, and will now go in search of the Biscuit books. As a professional, traditiional Celtic storyteller and harper, specializing in Scottish and Welsh tales, lore and music, I’m wondering if there will be any mention of other Otherworldly creatures, or references to folk- and fairytales in your work. Does Peggy carry any such books or books pertaining to Scottish lore/culture in her shop ? Although I learned many tales from my granny, who learned them from *her* granny who was from the Isle of Barra, I’m always on the lookout for more! Might Peggy consider hosting a small gathering to hear a storyteller, or be involved in nearby Highland Games? Tapaidh leat (thank you) for creating these characters and series! –Barra

  5. I hadn’t even thought about having her carry such books, Barra. What a good idea. She does carry coffee table books with phenomenal photos of Scotland, and guide books, of course. I’ve been developing a story line for an upcoming book that parallels an old folk tale, but I haven’t settled on one in particular. Having a storyteller come to the shop might be a great way to introduce the tale. Do you have any suggestions for which story to use? The fictional town of Hamelin in A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP hosts an annual Highland Games event. The second book (due out next January – I think) will be set in the winter, but the third book will be set during the Highland Games.
    The easiest way to get a quick message to me is to go to my Facebook author page http://facebook.com/franstewartauthor and click on the message link. That way our conversation about upcoming book ideas won’t be public.

  6. I’m reading “A wee murder in my shop n I have to say I love the style of ur writing. You spin a tale excellently. One thing I wanted to mention, and I’m probably not the first, but a dog doesn’t need professional training to be a service dog. If a dog is trained to perform tasks to help a person he us automatically a service dog. The justice department and ADA have no rules on who trains the dogs. Each state can have some laws but in general as long as the dog assists u in some ways then it’s a service dog. I’m only telling you cos I’m very excited you have a character with a disability and a dog who helps. The best way to end stigma is to educate people and by you including such characters in your book you are helping in many ways that you may not be aware of. I know all this cos I’m training a dog right now as a psychiatric service dog. Mine is learning to remind me to take meds. These dogs are fabulous n by you including one in your book it helps give them some the recognition they deserve. So that you so much for this! A service dog makes a quality difference in a person’s life! I hope there are more books with these characters! Thank you again!
    Respectfully yours,
    kerri thompson

  7. Kerri, thank you so much for responding. I was delighted to hear from you. I apologize if I gave the wrong impression about service dogs. My intent was simply to point out what a “natural” Tessa is at what she does. And yes, she will continue as a regular character in the series – not that she’ll be in every single book, but she will be in each one in which Drew plays a part. I really like Drew, by the way. I’m so glad he showed up and wanted to be in the first book (yes, sometimes my characters surprise me!) Again, my thanks to you for your comments.

  8. just a thank you for the scotshop mysteries thanks for making it a series, just finished the delightful a wee murder in my shop & delighted to find there is & will be more with those characters. am going to look for the biscuit series too. THANKS THANKS THANKS patti

  9. Patti, I’m so glad you enjoyed WEE MURDER. Comments like yours brighten my day considerably!

    And – you are most welcome. Writers would be nothing without readers, so my thanks right back to you.