Girls of the Mist Book Club

Yestereen (a word that’s been in the English language for more than 400 years–it means yesterday evening), I was invited the speak to one of the most successful book clubs I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Many of the members are teachers, and everyone there was a joy for me to meet.

The Scot-themed book club event began with scones and shortbread, of course, as well as Scotch eggs and a wee dram or two. Someone had even brought Dirk’s favorite oranges, which as you may know (and if you’ve read my book you’ll definitely know) were a true delicacy when Dirk was alive in the 14th century. I was delighted with the thought that had gone into the presentation, and was even more delighted by the enthusiasm of the book club members.

They’d all read A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP, and had lots of very illuminating questions about it, some of which surprised me. I was intrigued by their predictions as to what had been going on with Gilda, the ScotShop’s assistant manager, and several of them came up with suggestions that had never occurred to me — ones I’ll have to keep in mind for a future book.

They asked, of course, about several loose threads I’d left dangling. Why do I do that? Well, life itself seldom ties up everything with pat answers. In a mystery, it’s important to have the basic questions answered – who did it, how, and why. But sometimes there’s another why out there, and sometimes I like to leave that for people to wonder about.

Then too, there are the ongoing threads that will wind through any good mystery series. Those are the reason most people like to start with the very first book so they can see the threads developing. I love that sort of growth, where the characters change over the course of the series, where relationships develop (or fall apart), where people come and go, sometimes reappearing, and sometimes not.

These nine delightful women were like a gift. Women who read, women who obviously love books, women who teach, women who know the value of other women.

What more could anyone ask?

2 Replies to “Girls of the Mist Book Club”

  1. What a wonderful gathering and sounds like they were so happy to have you among them. How thoughtful a menu as well. I could practically see Dirk right in the big middle of you ladies in that photo!
    Well, I thought I saw animals going “2 by 2” down our street 2 days ago! Frannie, that’s the worst storm/flood we have EVER been in. There is still water in the back of the house but things could have been far worse. Didn’t realize the bayou a couple of blocks behind us could come out of its banks like it did. I was home from work for 2 days (not counting Memorial Day) and just ‘nested’ on the sofa with my Kindle and we rode it out!!! Katie is virtually on an island downtown and can’t get out of her neighborhood.
    Again, loved the photo of all you handsome ladies!
    Hugs! Petie

  2. Petie – I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to reply to your comment. Of course, we’ve already emailed, so maybe that counts? And you’re right – I’m sure Dirk was right there in the middle, but without the shawl, we couldn’t see him!

    Wish you could have sent some of your excess water this direction – We could use it…