Trip to New York

Part of the fun of being a (very lucky) writer is getting to know a wonderful editor. Last year after I signed the contract with Berkley Press for the ScotShop Mystery Series, I flew to New York to meet my agent and editor face-to-face. I had a great time, enjoyed them thoroughly, and felt like the trip was completely worthwhile.

Recently, though, I received the edits of A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP back from Michelle Vega, my editor, and I changed from simply liking her, to being eternally grateful that she’s the one handling my ScotShop mysteries. Every change she wanted me to make made absolute sense. I could see that she and I were in sync with the flow of the series, and I now feel so much more comfortable with placing my “babies” in her capable hands.

Last week, my┬ásecond visit to New York was equally enjoyable, but this time I had the fun of telling her how very much I appreciate the way she’s editing my book. I look forward to many years in association with Berkley Press!