Book Launch and Blog Tour

In less than a week, A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP goes public. Let’s hope it goes viral.   Right now, “New York Times Bestseller” is a dream. Wouldn’t it be fun if it were a reality?

Getting this book available for your hands has taken a long time. The way the publishing industry works, I’m already hard at work writing book number 3 in the ScotShop Mystery Series.

With three book launches scheduled (see the Appearances tab) and a baker’s dozen of guest blog appearances (see Blog Tour tab), I’ll be extra busy over the next few weeks, but never too busy to respond to your comments. When you read WEE MURDER – let me know what you think.

9 Replies to “Book Launch and Blog Tour”

  1. So very glad to see that you’ve writing another series! Wish there’d be another Biscuit McKee Mystery book. Librarians love mysteries with librarians in them or set in the library. But, no matter, I love your writing! I also you listed tp in the Texas library association conference program with Dean James and Laurie Cass, & Marion Moore Hill. Wish my work schedule would have allowed me to attend; but our new fiscal year starts in March so as the Acquisitions Librarian I’ll be busy ordering library materials! Maybe TLA still records the presentations! Best of luck on the presentation & with the new series. I may not be the NY Times, but you’re on my “best” list!

  2. Linda – I sure do wish you could be at the TLA conference. We might have taken time for a cup of tea and a chat. < > I swear, sometimes those conferences are so busy, I wonder how anyone has a chance to think!

    Laurie, Marion, and Dean and three of my favorite writers,though, so it’s going to be a joy to be on the same panel with them.

    Does your library have a set of my Biscuit McKee Mysteries? My publisher is in the process of revising the covers, and I’m fairly sure I can get a set of books with the original covers for you as my gift to your library. Let me know. Send me a message through my author page with the library address, and I’ll see what I can do.

    And don’t worry about Biscuit – I’m actively writing the 8th book in that series. I can’t abandon the Martinsville library – there are still too many stories about the people there!

  3. How nice! I will tomorrow at work and leave you a message on you FB page. I have the originals with the cover color same as color in title. At least I think they’re the originals. That’s not totally accurate. The Gray as Ashes one I have in kindle format. Bought it that way because of vision issues last Fall. I could enlarge print font. But it was hard because of my reading speed I was having to turn the page every 45 seconds. HA! Missed holding the print book, too. Guess that’s the librarian in me. Glad to hear more adventures of Biscuit are in the future. Off to to order Wee Murder. Unless I preordered which sometimes do & am surprised when books show up.

  4. If you end up getting two copies (one pre-ordered and one newly-ordered) the second one will make a great gift to a mystery-loving friend.

    And yes – it sounds like you do have originals; hopefully some day those will become real collector’s items. I love print books; like you, though, I find ebooks are convenient for my eyeballs! I like them when traveling, too, just so half my suitcase isn’t loaded down with print!

    Thanks for commenting, Linda. It’s always so good to hear from my readers.

  5. Dear Fran,
    I just got done reading a Wee Murder and loved it! The characters are all interesting and the town believable. Dirk is a darling.
    One thing I would like to see in an upcoming book is more about the town of Pitlochry. If it isn’t a real place, could you tell me what it is based on. Keep writing!!!
    And thank you for the fun read!
    Carol Cousins-Tyler

  6. Thank you, Carol! Sorry for the delay in answering – I’ve been so busy writing the next book in the series…

    And yes – Pitlochry is a real town in Perthshire, Scotland. It’s a delightful place. I’ve visited there twice and been charmed each time. Later in the series, Peggy and Dirk will be taking a trip back to Scotland, but for now the series is firmly grounded in Vermont. I hope you enjoy the fictional town of Hamelin, Vermont as much as you enjoyed the real town of Pitlochry!

  7. just finished WEE MURDER & loved it! found it at local B&N on tues, have carried it around with me all week (had to finish the book I was reading first!though that’s not always my modus operadi). i did laugh as to the perception of yanks to southerners- and always love things of scotland.

    your characters were grand and can’t wait to find out how a scottie ends up in the shop (on the cover, or is that a pun for the ghostie of dark hair?) mayhap in the next installment?

    looking forward to the 2nd!

  8. Love your idea about the dog on the cover being a pun for black-haired Macbeth! Scamp definitely shows up in book 2 and another one in book 3. In fact, the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta is holding a fundraiser – someone will get their Scottie’s name in book 3 (so that name is at the moment a big secret even to me).

    I’m so glad you enjoyed WEE MURDER. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

    p.s. the second book should be out in January 2016 (tentative date from publisher)

  9. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Carol. Pitlochry is an actual town in Scotland, one that I visited several times and was delighted with. Although the hometowns in both my mystery series — Hamelin Vermont in the ScotShop series and Martinsville Georgia in the Biscuit McKee mysteries — are both fictional, it’s fun to be able to include an actual town. There truly is a War Memorial in Pitlochry that looks precisely the way I described it. In fact, the only thing that you’ll probably never find if you go there is the shop where Peggy found the shawl that Dirk is attached to. Of course, Peggy couldn’t find it the second time she went back in WEE MURDER, so maybe you won’t feel too bad!