• Fran Stewart

Silver Lining

Funny how being stopped at every step gives one a chance to check out priorities. That's been the silver lining around the roadblocks I've experienced in getting this website functional. I've had the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with some of my treasured fans - the ones who took the time to contact me and say, "Hey! It's not working!"

I also took the time to change the way I've been dealing with Facebook. For years I've felt like Facebook stole my time from me, because I could never seem to keep up with all I thought was expected of me, with the result that I'd end up not even looking at FB for weeks at a time and thereby missing all sorts of messages people sent me.

Never again!

For these past few weeks, while I waited for the experts to tweak all the things that needed tweaking, I started a new routine - posting to my Facebook author page every single morning, answering all the comments from the day before, replying to all the messages, and then shutting down Facebook and going about my day of writing.

Works like a charm.

It's also given me a good excuse for going through my old photos, looking for fun ones to share. This one of me wearing the colors of my first four Biscuit McKee Mysteries (and sitting on a group of Adirondack chairs of the same colors!) brought back some fun memories of my various trips to Sapelo Island.

So, next time something stops you in your tracks, see what sort of silver lining you can find. The discovery may surprise you!

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