• Fran

Yes, Yes, YES!

Yes, Yes, YES!!! I finally sent RED AS A ROOSTER to my beloved and well-trusted beta-readers. It’s getting closer! Still no publication date, since I have to complete writing the other three books first, just in case something develops in one of them that will require me to tweak RED a bit.

As I shared on my Facebook Author Page last Monday (11/13/2017), one major plot problem got solved in the middle of the night, for I woke with the answers firmly cemented in my head. Fortunately, I wrote myself a long note with details. Why do I say "fortunately"? Because when I reviewed the note several hours later, my mind had already fuzzed over some of the ideas. After the wake-up eureka, it was just a matter of writing like crazy to integrate the solution into RED. (I still have to work it into the other three books, but—like a good road map—I have the answer in my hands.)

In Monday’s post, I used a picture of zoomorphic interlacing (otherwise know as Celtic Knots) taken by Gigi Pandian, to describe the workings of my mind. Did I know the term zoomorphic interlacing at the time? Nope. It was supplied in a comment by my marvelous niece, Erica. She’s the one who supplied me with Chaucerian words for Dirk to use in my ScotShop mysteries.

Anyway, the interweaving stories in these last four Biscuit McKee mysteries are like a zoomorphic interlacing. Characters introduced in RED AS A ROOSTER show up at different times and places in BLACK AS SOOT, PINK AS A PEONY, and finally, in WHITE AS ICE, where all the questions are answered, all the hanging threads are woven into place, and all my goals as a writer will be fulfilled.