• Fran Stewart

Almost Didn't Click

I almost didn’t click on the link when my son posted something about lunarbaboon. I’d never heard of it. Maybe I’m horribly behind the times, but without a TV, I miss a lot of the fad stuff that circulates. And since I don't surf in Internet (except in regard to researching something for one of my books), I tend to be in the dark about current trends.

At any rate, because I do happen to respect Eli, I finally checked out this article about a comic strip that is so completely different than anything I’ve ever seen, I was astonished.

How I wish something like this could have been around when I was growing up.

The sad thing, as I see it, is that one’s first reaction to the first one or two frames of each cartoon (at least MY first reaction), is to think of negativity coming out of the dad’s mouth.

Guess we all need to clean up our act (if not our actions, then our thoughts).