• Fran Stewart

Cats and Tote Bags

Another cat in the bag picture?


I happen to like cat-in-the-bag stuff like this.

That particular bag lasted only a couple of months, and then a small rent turned into a major rip as I left the grocery store. No major harm done, but it made me appreciate the old canvas tote bags I got about 35 years ago in Vermont. They’re stained as can be, but I’m still using them—for groceries, books, library runs (and cat play places).

Some books are like that. I read them once and that’s it. Like a cheap tote, they won’t stand the strain. But then there are the books that are still around year after year—the ones I love to re-read because they give such good value.

I sure do hope people feel about my books the way I feel about heavy canvas totes. Those four final books in the Biscuit McKee Series, for instance, the ones that will be released later on this year, I’m hoping they’ll stand the test of time, so much so that people will still be reading them or re-reading them, thirty, forty, fifty years from now.

Is that too much to expect?

I don’t think so. Those four books are turning out to be the best writing I’ve ever done.

I can hardly wait for you to read them.

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