• Fran Stewart

12 Days til RED

I can't wait for you to read RED AS A ROOSTER, the 8th Biscuit McKee Mystery. It's also the first volume of the final four books in that series.

When the biggest ice storm of the century hits Martinsville and knocks out all the power, Biscuit and Bob’s huge old house with its wood-burning stove becomes a shelter where many of their friends take refuge. While the men play poker and chess downstairs, Biscuit and the other women head up to the cavernous attic and begin to sort through generations of discards.

A penny whistle, a pocket watch, a hobby horse, and numerous hats reveal the checkered past of Beechnut House. Even an old circus poster has a story to tell.

No one has ever known why the original Martins settled in a dead-end valley that is so difficult to find. When one of the women discovers a set of two-hundred-year-old diaries in the bottom of a trunk, the mysterious history of Martinsville—all of it based on a lie—begins to come to life.

RED AS A ROOSTER ends on something of a cliff-hanger, but don't worry -- BLACK AS SOOT will be released just one month later.

You can pre-order RED or, better yet, come to one of the book launch parties:

Saturday August 18th 3pm

Liberty Books

176 West Crogan Street

Lawrenceville GA 30046


Sunday August 19th 1pm - 5pm

Another Chapter Bookstore

216 Atlanta Road Suite F

Cumming GA 30040


(behind the Rooster restaurant)

At 4pm on the 18th and at 3pm on the 19th, we’ll be drawing from the names in the fishbowl on the front counter. You’ll have a chance to win “Your Name in WHITE AS ICE,” the final Biscuit McKee Mystery.

You must be present to win either of these, so I hope to see you at one of the launch parties. Bring friends!

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