• Fran Stewart


I've just been informed that my blog is way out of date.

Ya think?

Okay. So, BLACK AS SOOT was released last week, and PINK AS A PEONY will be coming out the third week in October.

So far, the word from fans is that they're itching to read all four of these final Biscuit McKee Mysteries. My dear publisher was willing to release them one month apart, so the cliff-hangers at the end of each book (especially at the end of BLACK AS SOOT) won't have people rioting in the streets waiting for the next book to be released.

Where to get them? Well, I'm a big fan of independent bookstores, which is why I launch my books at Liberty Books in Lawrenceville GA and Another Chapter Bookstore in Cumming GA.

But you can get my Biscuit McKee Mysteries at all the usual places -- print and e-book alike.

The main thing is to enjoy reading them.

One of my fans waxed lyrical in her praise, and I just have to quote the message I received from her:

From a reader’s point it is mind-boggling how you did this …. From one historical period to another …. From one family to another. You are one in a million. And to top it off: it never has a dull moment nor can anyone get lost. It’s quite easy to follow what happens and with whom. I’m telling you I hate to put it down …. I find myself lying it down … then coming back to finish a chapter or plot line …. It’s addictive !!! You have outdone yourself on these …. Not that your previous books aren’t wonderful – I love them all, but this series is in a class all by itself.

Once you've read them, I'd love to hear from you -- your comments, your questions. And if you have a book club, let me know. I can be there with you via Skype or FaceTime.

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