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Diana's Squiggly Crochet

Friday - 05/21/2021 — There’s a big difference between someone whose artistry is with words and someone whose artistry is visual or spatial. Just to show how different those two approaches can be – a number of years ago, my sister asked me to show her how to crochet.

Now, I learned to crochet when I was in elementary school. I remember a bright yellow doily (an ENORMOUS bright yellow doily) I made for my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Pope. I’d even starched it so it would maintain its circular shape. When she held it up her hands were almost two feet apart, which will give you some idea of the size of it. “Why, thank you, Frances. This certainly is . . . uh . . . bright.”

I couldn’t hear (or possibly chose not to hear) the reservation in her tone.

I was really good at round doilies, square mats, rectangular table runners, and such. So when I went to teach my sister how to crochet, we started out with a simple circular pattern. A flat circular pattern.

I should have known Diana wouldn’t leave it at that. She created a whole collection of whimsical 3D crocheted art, like this piece that she gave me—probably hoping I’d venture away from boring flat pieces. Didn’t happen. I depend on her for the artistic touches.

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