• Fran Stewart

Leftover Shoes

When I was in the research phase of writing Gray as Ashes, my 7th Biscuit McKee Mystery, I took part in the Gwinnett County Citizen Fire Academy. During the course of the classes, which stretched over a number of Thursday evenings, we had a chance to visit several fire stations.

At one of them, as we busily asked questions of the firefighters, they got a call. Within less than a minute they had donned their bunker gear—pants, jackets, boots—and were out of the station, leaving behind this evidence of their having been with us just a moment before.

Two lonely pairs of shoes.

I’m so fortunate to be able to do work I love, for the research portion of my book-writing has been fun, exciting, informative, and sometimes distressing, such as when I sat with a fire investigator looking through photographs from closed arson cases in order to glean the details I’d need to show the results of arson in Gray as Ashes.

Then there was the time I spent with a nurse discussing the results of gunshot wounds to the abdomen. Discussing it over lunch, which didn’t bother either one of us one bit. The people at the next table turned a little green, though.

Do you have to do research for your line of work?

Is it as interesting as mine?

Till next Friday . . .

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