• Fran Stewart

Making a Mark

How very anonymous this woman is.

We all (most likely) want to make our mark in the world, leave a legacy of some sort, know that we’ve made a difference.

The truth is, we all DO make a difference in someone’s life, whether it’s someone we know well or someone who is simply passing through our life. That difference is no less important even if nobody puts it on our tombstone. But a stone without an epitaph is kind of sad.

This woman may have been an angel or a harridan — we don’t know. All we know is that she lived and died as someone’s wife.

This is where writers can let their fancy roam free.

Who was she? What did she do? Who did she know? Who did she influence? Was she angry, happy, sad, content? Did she have fourteen children, or two, or none? Was she educated or illiterate? Was she married for ten years or fifty? Did she die peacefully or in pain? Was it a natural death, or was she pushed on her way before her time?

Just what sort of story can I come up with about her?

She just might show up in my next book.

Oh, it boggles the mind…

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