• Fran Stewart

Memoirs and a Ragged Edge

I promised not to bombard you with posts. I'd say I've fulfilled that promise.

Some exciting things are going on around here. First - my new publishing company, My Own Ship Press, is sailing along nicely, with the first of my 6-volume beekeeping memoir off the press and ready for you to read. Number 2 is available as well, and the rest will follow within the next few months.

Then there's the second edition of my sister's book Depression Visible: The Ragged Edge. If you know anyone who deals with depression - either their own or that of a friend or family member - they need to see this book. I never understood my sister until I read her book. For this second edition, she added a chapter about PTSD. This link is for Barnes and Noble, since the A-site seems intent on hiding this 2nd edition. The cover is completely different now, and looks like this:

That's it for now. I'll let you know as more exciting happenings occur.

And I promise not to take so long to do it this time around!

Keep in touch.