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Art of Crochet

Tuesday – 01/26/2021 — Don’t you wonder where people come up with these ideas? I’d suggest that a lot of such inspirations occur when someone sees a need and decides to fill it.

I’ve never crocheted a kitty cat to protect my hands, but I have used one of my wrist warmers to accomplish the same result. They’re just the right size to slip onto a cold glass. I’ve also used them to remove a hot bowl from the microwave. All I have to do is slip them off my wrists. The—hooray!—they’re extra warm when I slip them back on.

I’ve told you about my wrist warmers, but if you didn’t see that old post from last year, imagine knitting the top of a sock without adding a heel or a foot to it. Great for keeping my wrists warm as I work at the computer. Sometimes I put on two layers of them, just for the sheer comfort of it.

What do you do for your comfort?

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