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Am I the Only One?

Friday - 07/09/2021 — Last week I walked toward my car in the grocery store parking lot and happened to look down at a leaf that had probably blown off its tree during the previous day’s storm. Peeking out from the side of the leaf was a pair of creepy-looking eyes. Curious, I bent, brushed the leaf aside, and found this nickel looking at me.

Who on earth designed a Jefferson with such eerie eyes? Did they wonder as they completed the design whether it would startle the people who looked at it? Did they guess that it might show up in a parking lot some day?

Am I the only one who thinks these eyes look like something from a zombie movie?

Does it even matter?

You’re right. It probably doesn’t mean a thing. Still, I don’t want this zombie hanging around my house. Now, if there were only something that cost only a nickel…

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