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Puzzle Addict

I admit it! I’m addicted. To puzzles. But only a select few.


Every morning, almost the first thing on my agenda (after feeding Squigit) is Wordle on my phone.


Then comes KnotWords, again on my phone.


Once I get my laptop going for the day, I do The Washington Post’s Daily Mini Meta crossword puzzle (usually hard enough that I have to zip into another tab and look something up), followed by the New York Times mini puzzle.


A couple of week ago, I got a huge charge out of the Times Mini. Here’s a screen shot of the final puzzle. The clue for 5-Across was “Three on a grandfather clock.” Don’t you know somebody had a great time putting this one together?


These early morning challenges warm up my brain so I’m ready to write. Speaking of writing, my fantasy novella Turnaround is going through the final stages of the publishing process. Won’t be long now. I’ll let you know in my newsletter (scroll to the bottom right of any page on my website to sign up for it).  And I’ll probably crow about it here in my blog as well!


In the meantime, take care. And feel free to forward this post to anyone who likes words.


p.s. If you’d like to know what the rest of the clues were for that Times puzzle, contact me and I’ll send you that screenshot.

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