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Ashamed of Georgia

Tuesday - 03/30/2021 — One of the things I loved about living in Vermont all those years ago was that I felt I had a political voice. I knew my representatives, I could talk to my senators, I could drop into the Governor’s office if I happened to be at the state capitol.

I know things have changed in the almost thirty years since I left there. Still, it’s never been like that here in Georgia. From the day I moved here in 1993, I’ve felt politically stranded. Nowadays I’m downright ashamed of this state. Imagine trying to silence voters. Our misguided state senators and representatives certainly aren’t representing me. This pie chart refers to the National Congress, but it could just as easily show Georgia’s demographics.

I still write letters and send texts and make phone calls, and I try not to get discouraged when the tide seems to surge against me. I’ve never wanted these posts of mine to be politically oriented, but once in a while I just have to vent. Today is one of those days.

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