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Brownie Troop

Friday - 08/27/2021 — Back in fourth grade I belonged to a Brownie Troop. I came across this photo a couple of weeks ago as I was cleaning out yet another box—how on earth can I have collected so much junk over the years? Most of the box WAS junk, but this treasure was stuffed down near the bottom.

The girl in the middle of the front row was my very best friend that year. Diane Marie Hart. Her family was from Hannibal MO, the birthplace of Samuel Clemens. After my dad was transferred to Ent Air Force Base at the end of that school year, I never saw or heard from her again.

I even wrote her into my third Biscuit McKee mystery, hoping that someday she’d read that book and say, “Hmmmm. I wonder if this author can possibly be the girl I used to read the Black Stallion books with.”

She can always reach me through my website.

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