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Monday - 01/04/2021 — For several reasons, today is particularly meaningful to me, so I wanted to share this picture I came across a couple of months ago.

I try to remember it when I’m tempted to say something that’s sarcastic or thoughtless or even somewhat hurtful. I daresay we’re all tempted to do such things—some more often than others. But really, how much better would it be to shut our mouths and shift our thinking? The person who lashes out at me may be going through hardships I can’t even imagine.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying to bow down to folks who are simply bullies. But the thoughtless comment of an acquaintance may not be about you (or me) as much as it is about them.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being kind. Instead, there’s an awful lot of right about it.

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2 comentários

Thank YOU, Marcia. I truly appreciate you.


Thank you for the beautiful example you always set.

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