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Colorado's Geography Terms

Friday - 11/05/2021 — I just came back from a trip to visit my sister in Colorado. Her geography is completely different than mine. As I drove the 1,400 miles across country, I left forests and hills and lakes and rivers. I traversed plains and prairies. And soon the land became deserts and mesas and plateaus and canyons, with the ever-present background of the mountains.

When it comes to physical geography, I miss mountains more than anything. If I didn’t live close to my daughter, I’d move to the mountains in a heartbeat.

But you know what? There’s another type of geography—the geography of the heart. The geography that connects us with the friends and family who may not live in the same sort of terrain, but who understand us in a way nobody else can.

The geography of the heart is still the same for Diana and me. She’s my sister. I’m her sister. We love each other. No number of miles between us can alter that geography.

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