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Daily Harvest

Thursday - 01/07/2021 — My niece talked me into trying something that I never would have thought I’d even consider. It’s called Daily Harvest.

I signed up for monthly deliveries of frozen fruits and veggies that come all put together in fascinating combination. There are plenty of choices that fall into various categories. Do I want Smoothies? If so, all I have to do is add water (or oat milk or yogurt or …) to the cup of stuff they send me, dump it into my blender, turn on the power, pour the result back into the cup, and enjoy the result.

Soups: Again, lots of choices. Heat what they give you either in the microwave or on the stove (either as is or put it through the blender first) and enjoy the result.

Oat Bowls? Same as soup. Flatbreads? I haven’t tried these yet. Ice cream? Oh, yeah! Everything is gluten-free, and everything so far has been yummy.

The coolest thing, though, is that the packaging and containers are biodegradable or recyclable. No polystyrene! I even put the dry ice from the cardboard shipping box into my freezer to help save a bit of electricity, and once the dry ice is all sublimated I'll use the remaining empty bags for trash. Have I told you I haven't bought garbage bags for the past seven years?

And there's no food waste, the way there would be if I tried to buy all the ingredients separately.

My first order of 14 items (see the picture of them loaded into my freezer drawer) came on the 30th of last month. I’ll give you periodic updates as I learn more (and taste more). So far, I’ve tried a strawberry-banana-peach-raspberry-oats-and-goji berry smoothie for breakfast (see the before picture) and the cauliflower-celeriac-spinach-leek-garlic soup for my main meal a couple of days ago. I’m not eating them every day (too pricey for that!)

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