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Dust and Stuff

Wednesday - 05/12/2021 — Today’s post and the next two after this deal with bags. Special bags. A couple of months ago I asked my sister if she had any idea where the purple bag was. I’d given up asking my daughter about it, because she swore she didn’t have it. So, maybe Diana has it packed away somewhere, I thought. I hadn’t seen the thing in years.

Diana sent me this little bag to make up for the fact that she didn’t have the purple one. As I’m sure you know, since I’ve mentioned this repeatedly, I’m trying to gradually get rid of things in my house, so the last thing I needed (I thought) was another something to keep track of.

But then I went to use the magnifying glass that I keep standing upright in a container next to my favorite couch. Funny how often I reply on that thing to decipher the teeny print on various items. At any rate, I usually have to clean it before I can use it. Dust and pollen take their toll, especially this time of year.

But then I thought of Diana’s little bag. The perfect size! Useful after all.

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