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Eli's Sunrise

Tuesday - 02/16/2021 — There’s just something about a sunrise over the ocean. I remember a number of mornings on Nanny Goat Beach when I went to Sapelo Island for an artist/writer’s retreat. My son took this photo of Flagler Beach when he was staying nearby, but it could just as well have been the sight from Nanny Goat Beach as I sat there with my drums, pounding away in rhythm with the waves as they surged in.

Then there are the beaches in Maine. Have you ever been there? For the most part, no sand. Just rocks, which perfectly lend themselves to the presence of nearby lighthouses.

And the beaches on the Pacific, with boulders—great for the sunning of sea lions. And great for sunsets.

Now think about beaches and the sun. What a metaphor for the different types of people in our lives, shaped by the geography of the land where they were raised. My retired wheat farmer brother-in-law sees things differently than I do. He’s attuned to wide open spaces, spacious prairies, far-off horizons. I, on the other hand, am a forest or mountain kind of person. I can appreciate the prairie when I visit—as I can love a beach when I sit there with my drum—but for long-term peace of mind, give me trees any day.

What kind of landscape-person are you?

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