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Fuzzy's Vitiligo

Thursday - 04/15/2021 — I had to laugh when I looked at this photo of Fuzzy Britches and realized that she has the same white splotch around her nose and mouth that I developed 46 years ago when vitiligo appeared in my life.

In case you didn’t know, vitiligo is a condition in which melanin disappears from the skin. Without melanin, the body cannot darken when exposed to the sun, so the skin appears white. Mine started as a white patch on my forehead and then migrated to various other areas—arms, legs, shoulders. As well as one disconcerting patch that formed on my upper lip and up beside my nose. Take away Fuzzy’s whiskers & beautiful eyebrows, and you’ll have an idea of what I looked like. Sort of like someone who was foaming about the mouth.

Eventually the condition spread pretty much everywhere, so now I look more like a ghost than like someone with rabies.

That's a good thing!

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