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Got Polio?

Wednesday - 02/17/2021 — It’s getting closer to my vaccination day, and I feel good about doing this. I have acquaintances who are opposed to vaccinations for all sorts of (to me) very strange reasons. I have yet to hear a single reason that makes sense.

I still remember getting all those shots when I was a kid. Since I was in a military family, we didn’t have any choice, but I never questioned the process. That was back in the days before shots for measles (two different kinds) or mumps had been developed, so my sister and I contracted all three of them. Luckily, no long-term side-effects from the diseases. Still, I feel better knowing my children and grandchildren didn’t have to risk those long-term health issues.

If you’re not a believer, I won’t try to argue you out of your feelings. All I can say to you is, “Don’t come anywhere near me or my loved ones.”

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