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Grandma's Irises Yet Again

Tuesday - 04/27/2021 — I know, I know. I keep showing you pictures of my grandmother’s irises, but I can’t get over the springtime thrill of these spectacularly intricate creations.

This one sits on a table beside my “natural wonder wall” that holds a petrified tooth pendant, a feather-bedecked dream catcher, an ibis carved from a horn, some shells I gathered at Nanny Goat Beach on Sapelo Island, and a box turtle shell a friend of mine found on a walk through her forested backyard.

As I looked at this photo. I realized that most of these things will probably go into a big garage sale after I croak. And at that point I won’t care. But it’s nice to know that friends and family will be able to dig up the iris corms, plant them in their own yards, and enjoy my grandma’s irises just as I have through the years as I’ve divided them and taken them with me from house to house.

Drop by some day and you, too, can receive the gift of an almost indestructible flowering glory.

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