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Heart Beet

Monday – 01/25/2021 — When I first looked at this photo, I thought it was a beet with all the roots attached. But the photographer (whose name I don’t know and can’t find) wrote (in the title to the picture) that it showed the blood vessels in a heart.

Which led me to think of it as a heartbeet. I know, it’s a horrible pun, but the photo deserves it. Why on earth don’t people explain their photographs? For instance . . .

How on earth did someone get such a photo? What was the purpose of it? How has it been used? Has it helped anyone advance their knowledge of the workings of these miraculous bodies of ours?

All these questions. No answers. <<sigh>>

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Amazing. The vessels/roots even form the valentine shape. This led to another question, "Did the valentine shape represent the actual human heart?" I googled "history of valentine shape" and found several answers. It was in use long before Hallmark greeting cards.

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