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I Found It!

Friday - 07/02/2021 — I knew it was somewhere around here. Here’s the “Super Grandparents’ Calendar” I told you about a couple of weeks ago. Over the years I’d almost forgotten just how much effort I put into creating it, planning out the letters of the title page so they’d evoke a maple leaf, drawing each and every calendar line and spiffing up my calligraphy skills so the days of the week would “pop.”

It’s been fun to look through it again and see how I matched the pictures to the months—January showing snowbanks taller than my son’s head (it was Vermont after all!), him looking at a bumblebee on our deck in July, a visit to a swimming pool, the two kids laughing with each other when Veronica was about three months old.

How many masterpieces have you created over the years and then gradually forgotten about? I’m sure we each have a multitude of them. As I remember more, I’ll share them with you. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the next one. It’s liable to be a while.

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