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Incubation Timeline

Wednesday – 01/27/2021 — I heard on NPR a couple of days ago that the COVID death toll is expected to top 500,000 within the next month, so this timeline applies not just to holiday seasons but to anywhere, anytime. Now.

Why on earth can people not understand that their actions have direct consequences?

Probably because, while those consequences are direct, they do not seem immediate. If you feel fine on Day 5 and you test negative, you may not put it together that you’re the reason your favorite aunt or your best friend or your grandpa died on Day #15.

I don’t care if you just tested negative. Please don’t come visit me.

If you do come, we're gonna sit outside, 10 feet apart on the porch in the cold weather, and we’re both going to be masked. I won’t give you the guilt of wondering a couple of weeks later if you’re the one who caused my death.

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