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Invisible Lines

Monday - 03/01/2021 — A couple of weeks ago I posted a rather tongue-in-cheek ranting about saving toothpaste by not using so much for each brushing. But today, I’m not joking around.

It’s time to talk about laundry detergent. The brand I use boasts that one container will do 64 loads, with the note that “This package contains 64 uses as measured to the second line on the cap.” The second line, it seems, is the correct amount for “regular loads.”

Fine. But do they make it easy to figure out where that 2nd line is?

You guessed it. Line #2 is well-hidden, as are lines #1, 3, 4, and 5. Those “lines” are the same color as the green cap, so they almost blend into invisibility. Line #5 is right up near the top of the lid, and if I hadn’t peered to see the 5 there, I might have guessed that all the way to the top was line #1 and that second little group of ridges must be line number 2. In this photo, you can see line #5 to the left, #1 way down in the middle, and #2 just to the right of #1.

I dare you to check out the true directions for your laundry product. Are they as confusing (and misleading) as mine?

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