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Lake Mooselookmeguntik

Thursday - 04/29/2021 — My son Eli is in Maine at Lake Mooselookmeguntik. I kid you not. Although I’ve visited Maine many times, I’ve never been to the northwest corner of the state, which is where Mooselookmeguntik is.

He took this sunset photo from the southeastern side of the lake just a few days ago. Those white patches in the lower part of the scene are a couple of lumps of leftover unmelted snow. This picture reminds me of how much I miss the white birches of the northeast. We have dark brown river birches here in the south, but they’re simply not the same as those ghostly trunks that shimmer in the darkness.

Of course, I’m enjoying irises and the dandelions and the soon-to-ripen blueberries on my bushes out by the mailbox. No snow around here. So maybe the lack of the birch trees is not too high a price to pay.

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