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Lingering Souvenirs

Wednesday - 05/05/2021 — It’s been a number of months since Wooly Bear went over the Rainbow Bridge, and so most of her long black cat hair has been vacuumed up.

I decided to move a small table, though. Luckily it was upstairs where the carpet is a fairly light color. Otherwise I might not have spotted this lingering souvenir of Wooly Bear. Of all the cats I’ve ever had, Wooly had the longest whiskers. This one was, as you can see, longer than my index finger.

I had a lovely few moments of remembering how those whiskers used to tickle my nose each morning when she woke me. And I put this one in the collection of cat whiskers I’ve amassed over the years. Amazing what people choose to keep, isn’t it?

What precious souvenirs do you save? Are they ones that will have your heirs scratching their heads after you croak? What on earth was Mom thinking?

I was thinking I loved my cats.

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