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Tuesday - 04/13/2021 — I got to thinking about this the other day. What on earth over the past isolated year have I truly made?

Coffee? No, but I’ve baked wheat-free bread made with almond and rice flour;

A ruckus? Not exactly, but I wrote lots of emails to senators and representative, so we can call it a quiet ruckus;

A difference? Definitely. In the memoirs classes I teach, time and again people tell me how much the writing of their life stories changed the way they viewed past events and gave them hope for future ones;

A memory? Lots of those, from watching the teeny mason bees laying their eggs in the special mason-bee house I set up for them on my front porch, to special books I’ve read, to long conversations (10 feet apart and masked) with my son, daughter, and grandchildren on my front porch;

Time for someone? Sometimes listening is the best way to make time for someone. And for something I love? Keeping the bird feeders and hummingbird stations stocked with clean seed and nectar brings me extra joy each day.

What have you made today (or this past year)?

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