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Note to Self

Wednesday - 02/10/2021 — This sort of goes along with what I was talking … uh, writing … about yesterday. Life cries out for new experiences, for challenges, for adventures.

Granted, it may appear that there’s nothing much new ahead of us during this period of COVID isolation, but for criminey sakes, no matter how physically isolated we are, we still can talk on the phone with friends and family; we can explore our national parks through books (the libraries are still open—most of them for curbside pickup) or through the Internet; we can take online classes—remember those University of Alberta classes I took last year (Bugs 101 and Dino 101)? They were fascinating; I learned quite a bit; and I’m still talking about them.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about old friends, ones I’ve lost touch with over the years. And guess what happened?

A long-lost cousin of mine found my website and contacted me last week. I haven’t seen her for twenty years or so. We had a two-hour Zoom conversation. Laughed like the proverbial hyenas, caught each other up on our kids and grandkids and siblings and jobs. In short, we had a great time, and I came away from our connection energized.

Like the note says, I’m not too old to make (or respond to) those connections. It’s not too late to do what I’ve dreamed of doing.

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