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Oh Dear!

Wednesday - 02/03/2021 — Cousteau, the cat from next door, has been at it again. I found these feathers under one of the bird feeders. I don’t mind when he helps to rid my yard of mice. But doggone it! I wish he’d leave the birds in peace.

This is why my cats have always been indoor cats. Yes, I spend a lot of time cleaning litterboxes and a lot of effort providing play and exercise opportunities, but I don’t have to worry about the sparrows and woodpeckers and blue jays and mourning doves and titmice and chickadees.

Or I didn’t have to until Cousteau’s people moved in next door.

He thinks my yard is a buffet.

Come to think of it, I guess it is.

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Belling a cat does give a bit of an advantage, Marcia, but bells aren't very nice for a cat's sensitive ears -- and most cats learn how to move VERY gently so as not to ring the bell until the moment they pounce.


Does putting a bell on a cat give the birds a better chance?

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