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Only Four Books. And Short Hair

Friday - 04/02/2021 — Looking through old photographs can be surprising. Now that I have more than two dozen published books, it’s hard to remember when I had only four.

And now that my hair is long and very white, it’s equally hard to recall when it was ash brown and very short.

This photo is from a book-signing I did years ago at a now-defunct bookstore in Madison, Georgia. I sold a whole lot of books that day, the owners were delighted, and I was euphoric. So many of the bookstores I used to love have closed – some due to the pandemic, many due to the encroachment of the big A and people’s search for cheap books. That’s why I try always to order my books from an independent bookstore. Hopefully once the pandemic has run its course, there will still be a number of them available.

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What year was that? I don't think I ever saw you with your hair that short.

Mi piace
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