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Ought to be Momentous

Friday - 01/01/2021 — Today is the beginning of our new adventure: these daily musings of mine through my website instead of through Facebook. You’d think it would be momentous, right? Well, it’s not. Not really.

A number of people I know have mentioned how much more they’ve been using the library ever since COVID descended upon us. I can’t see it’s made any difference whatsoever to me. I’ve always used the library. A lot.

Come to think of it, though, a lot of the books I’m reading now are longer, more complex than before. Quite a bit of non-fiction, whereas before my reading was probably equally divided between fiction and non-fiction.

What are you reading? And what’s your spirit animal?

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Glad you have a new home to write your messages.


My spirit animal is a dolphin.

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