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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Do you have an accountant? Or do you wade through doing your taxes yourself? Be sure to let your executor know which category you’re in.


If you don’t have a CPA, leave very clear records of where you keep your tax records.


If you do have one, here’s one more little bit from After I Die: What My Executor Will Need to Know. This picture, by the way, is from my accountant’s waiting room. He sent me the photo and said he wanted every one of his clients to buy the book and fill it out.



My Accountant / Tax Returns


(Ask them to let you know what they’ll need in order to complete my taxes for the previous year and the current one.)



     Name:                    ____________________


     Phone:                    ___________________


     Email                     ____________________


     Street:                     ___________________


     City/State/ZIP        ___________________


                                 Date completed__________


Note: Probate court may require up to three years of tax returns. For the current year, you must report all income through the date of death and file the return by the usual April deadline.

Come back next week when we’ll be talking about the cost of death certificates.


Till then, have an adventure or two!


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