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As I said last week, I’ll be giving you some tiny previews into After I Die: What My Executor Will Need to Know. In the book, I tried to include not only the fill-in-the-blank vital info that your executor will need to know, but also some of the things that you might not consider (but that are really important).

 Something to think about:


If you have secrets, as many people do, rest assured that they are likely to be uncovered at some point after your death. There is space in any life for privacy, but secrets tend to be toxic and may bring pain to your survivors.


You might want to consider these four things now:


o   What those secrets are

o   What disruption their discovery will cause

o   What to do about revealing them before you die, or

o   How to leave an explanation so your family isn’t torn apart.


As I say, this is just something for you to think about.


You may or may not need to consider this. Next week we’ll look at something that every executor will need to think about.

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