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Self Check-Out

Friday - 09/17/2021 — My library has 14-digit cards, complete with barcode so patrons can use the checkout kiosks in every branch. I decided some time ago I didn’t want to have to dig through my wallet to find the card every time I went to check out some books. I’m a voracious reader, so weekly trips to the library are the usual, and sometimes more often than that. So I memorized my card number. It has several repeating numbers in there that make it easy for me to remember, but I would have memorized it anyway just for the convenience.

Still, I love this photo, a reminder that we can check out many things other than library books.

Our hair, our outlook on life, our self-image.

Our surroundings, our attitudes, our general health.

Our smile quotient, our laughter-meter, our contentment level.

I think it’s interesting that there appears to be a trash can right below the mirror. Good idea. Dump any and all negativity in there.

What have you checked out for yourself today?

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