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What I Don't Have

Something we might not think about when leaving information for our executor is that telling them what we don’t have can be just as important as telling them what we do have.


For example, if I have a safe deposit box, it would make sense to leave them a note about where the key is and what the box number is. But can you see that if you don’t have one, you can save them a lot of time by telling them that? Otherwise, they’re liable to tear the place apart looking for a key.


That’s why I put this little snippet in After I Die: What My Executor Will Need to Know:


Do I have a safe deposit box?       Yes     No


Bank/Branch: _____________ Box number: _____


Key’s location ______________________________


I    have   have not    made a list of everything in there.


The list is located _________________________


See how simple it is? Yes or no. That way, while your loved ones are trying to cope with their feelings of loss, they won’t have to be frantic. And if you make a list of what's in the box, they'll be able to put their hands on important documents right away.

Pat yourself on the back for having been so thoughtful!

More next week. See you then!

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