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Teeny Frog

Tuesday - 03/23/2021 — Back in 2014, I was out in my front yard one day, wading through a heavy growth of wild violets, when I happened to look down and saw this teeny frog perched on one of the leaves. It couldn’t have been more than an inch long, and its coloring so closely resembled the surrounding leaves it’s a wonder I even noticed it. Maybe its absolute stillness was what attracted my attention. I’m fairly sure it had frozen in order to avoid the notice of the enormous predator nearby.

I had no way to reassure it, so I took this photo as quickly as I could and then backed slowly out of its way, apologizing for the disturbance. As soon as I could, I set this picture as the background on my phone. Now I get to celebrate the presence of wildlife in my yard every time I check the weather report, answer a call, open a text, or even just wonder what time it is.

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