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Upside Down

Monday - 03/15/2021 — As I’m sure you know, daylight saving time began yesterday. I’m not going to go on and on about how dumb I think that whole idea is, but I do want to show you one way I’ve used to combat time boredom for a number of years.

I don’t do it every single day because then it would just become a routine. Instead, I periodically (when the mood hits me) put on my watch upside down. It all started years ago when I wore a digital watch, set to a 24-hour clock. So 1:13 in the afternoon (or early early morning) read as 13:13. One day I looked at my watch as it sat on my dresser, and it was turned around. Before I picked it up I saw that 13:13 read as EI:EI. I unconsciously added a capital O at the end and spent the rest of the day humming Old MacDonald.

It was good for a laugh, so the next time I felt a need for a chuckle, I fastened on my watch upside down so I’d have to think about it whenever I checked the time.

Then, when my dad died a number of years ago, I took his watch from his gaunt wrist and put it onto my own. When I looked at it through my tears, I saw that it was upside down. “Thanks, Dad,” I breathed. “I appreciate the laugh.”

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