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When a Writer Tries Sculpture

Monday - 04/19/2021 — A number of years ago, one of the artists in the Atlanta NLAPW gave a demonstration about sculpting with clay at one of our monthly meetings. Afterwards, I told her that I was fascinated with the idea of sculpting but had no idea how to get started.

She picked up one of her props (a big bag of clay), wrenched off a hunk, put it in an empty plastic bag, and handed it to me. “Just play around with it and see what happens.”

So I did. My intent was to make a spoon rest that looked like a bear. Okay, you can quit laughing. Please. Aside from the fact that I broke off one of its front paws … and it had some cracks here and there … I kinda liked the little guy, so I kept it around until he gradually crumbled to pieces. (I’d been too embarrassed to take Judy up on her offer to let me fire my results in her kiln.)

So now, all I have left of the bear is the spoon it was meant to hold. And this picture. And the memory of the fun I had trying my hand at sculpture.

What have you enjoyed trying lately?

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