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Baby Tyrannosaur

Monday - 02/08/2021 — Isn’t this fuzzy little guy the cutest dinosaur you’ve ever seen? The CBC reported last week that researchers had found the first ever baby Tyrannosaur fossils in Alberta and Montana.

Ever since I took that Dino 101 online course from the University of Alberta, I’ve had a greater appreciation for the depth of knowledge needed to recognize fossilized remains. Turns out this little fella hadn’t even hatched yet because there was cartilage where in a hatched baby there would have had to be bone.

I don’t know about you, but I love stuff like this. I’m going to go outside now and listen for the dawn chorus of the dinosaurs that flock to my bird feeders each day. No Tyrannosaurs there. No pterodactyls. Just chickadees and titmice and woodpeckers and pine siskins and … all those other modern-day dinosaurs.


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