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Wednesday - 01/20/2021 — My grandchildren used to attend a middle school that had this highly creative cover on their yearbook a couple of years ago. The school teams were the “bears,” and as you can see, a bear forms the basis for this collage of at least half-a-score of faces.

I find this kind of variety fascinating. I’m glad I live in a neighborhood where I can see all different sorts of eye colors, hair colors, and skin tones when I go for my morning walk. And I can hear all sorts of regional (and international) accents as I greet people through my mask and they respond through their masks.

When you think about it, every aspect of life is very much a collage. As long as we don’t insulate ourselves. Let the dandelions spring up in the lawn so the bees will be happy. Let the music cover all the genres so we can dance in all our different moods. Welcome the rainy days as well as the sunny ones. Rejoice in the wrinkles that form as we grow, because who’d want an artificially smooth face on an aging body? Let us sing joyous songs in many languages as we spread our wings.

Hooray for collages.

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What an interesting concept for the collage. And I love your analogy of life as a collage.

Gefällt mir
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