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Although this list is an important beginning to After I Die: What My Executor Will Need to Know, it is only the beginning. There’s a lot more information that you’ll be able to leave in the rest of the book. This is a start, though. Even if you don’t want to buy the book, print this, fill it out, and give it to your executor.


Or, if you’re the designated executor, ask the one who’s trusted you with that job to answer these questions. And WRITE DOWN THE ANSWERS!

 Where to Find All My Important Legal Stuff


This is a shopping list that will help you find all my important documents after I’m dead. My job is to complete it. Thoroughly.


1. Basic Info: 


My legal name:           __________________________________________


My birthdate:              __________________  My mother’s maiden name: ________________


My birthplace:            __________________________________________


Birth certificate location: ________________________________________


My phone number:     _____________________


My social security number:          ________________________


My current address:                      __________________________________________




      Own     Rent     Rest Home     Care Facility     Other    

List details here:


DNR directive   

  I have       I do not have    a Do Not Resuscitate order.


Location: ________________________________________


Sometimes—especially if you call 911—first responders may try to revive me. Be sure you have my DNR handy.  Note: Some people keep it on their fridge door.




My phone password (you’ll need it right away) is ___________________________

  I do not  have a password list, so a lot of things are going to fall through the cracks.

  I do have a list of passwords. It’s located:




  I sort of made notes about my passwords here and there. Here are some hopefully helpful suggestions about where to find them:




Just imagine how happy your executor will be to find all this information without having to SEARCH for it!

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