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Garden Gloves

Friday - 08/13/2021 — When I bought this house back in 2004, my sister came to visit for 10 glorious days. I know the old saw that says fish and visitors begin to smell after three days, but that’s not true of Diana. Whenever we get together (not nearly often enough since she lives in Colorado and I live in Georgia) we have a great time.

Anyway, back in 2004, she and I made a trip to Home Depot to pick up something or other. As we walked down one aisle looking for something or other, she ground to a halt. “You have to buy these. They’re the best ever.” Okay, so I bought two pairs of these orange and white gardening gloves, since I planned to have her help me with a number of yard projects over the next week.

That was eighteen years ago, and that original pair of gloves is still holding up well. They’re fairly grungy, as you can see, but they work just as well as they ever did. I’ve been doing a lot with the front yard paths (as I’ll show you next week), and the gloves have been getting daily usage. So I called Diana a few days ago to tell her just how much her glove-buying advice all those years past was still bearing fruit. She’d forgotten our trip to Home Depot—of course, since it wasn’t particularly important to her—but was gratified indeed that I took the time to tell her how much I appreciated her.

Who could you call today to thank for something they did a bunch of years ago? Just think how much it will mean to them.

p.s. Those nippers next to the gloves? They belonged to my father. I inherited them after he died more than 20 years ago, and I’m still using them. I send a heartfelt thank you his way whenever I clip a recalcitrant branch. Haven’t heard back from him yet, though.

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