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More Cats?

Saturday – 01/23/2021 — You may not think our Saturday laugh this week is very funny, but I'm posting it anyway. As I watched Fuzzy Britches playing with her catnip-soaked mouse yesterday, I began to remember the way Wooly Bear was a cuddler. Fuzzy Britches is not a cuddler. But Fuzzy likes to snooze and keep my lap warm as I sit and read, while Wooly thought her job was to play with the pages as I tried to turn them.

Then I remembered Rimski, who used to love classical music. Fuzzy is, I think, tone deaf.

And there was Agatha, who always carried her tail exactly parallel to her back. Fuzzy (and most other cats I’ve known) carries her tail in a strictly vertical line. Agatha liked to eat tomatoes. Fuzzy prefers to raid my cheese plate if it comes within her reach.

So, does this mean I’ll need to start inviting more cats into my life to fill those niches left vacant when the others crossed the rainbow bridge?

I think not. Still, this thought of four cats instead of only one is enticing.

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